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τοπικες καταιγιδες 

Kopaida air sports center. The private airport (CTAF) Kopaida (ZZZZ) located near Athens southwest of Castle village in Voiotia,
just one hour from leaving the National Road Athens - Lamia of Kifissia. The exact location of the airport is N 38 ° 27.41 'and E 023 ° 08.18'.

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Weather history

Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
 Temperature  12,7°Cfalling
Maximum14,6°C (13:23)21,3°C (14:52)23,4°C (17-03)23,4°C (17-03)43,1°C (30-06-2017)
Minimum10,0°C (05:40)8,9°C (02:00)1,0°C (10-03)-2,7°C (19-01)-12,1°C (11-01-2017)
 windchill  12,7°C 
Minimum10,0°C (05:40)7,4°C (03:31)-0,7°C (01-03)-5,5°C (19-01)-15,6°C (10-01-2017)
 heatindex  12,7°C  
Maximum14,6°C (13:23)21,3°C (14:52)23,4°C (17-03)23,4°C (17-03)49,4°C (30-06-2017)
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
Rain / Melt 0,0 mm  0,0 mm  9,2 mm  192,1 mm  
Evapotranspiration0,0 mm  0,0 mm 7,5 mm 8,4 mm  
 Humidity  87%  
Maximum89% (04:37)82% (03:34)96% (06-03)96% (18-02)97% (18-03-2016)
Minimum78% (00:02)38% (14:42)28% (03-03)28% (03-03)16% (15-06-2015)
 Dew Point  10,6°C  
Maximum11,9°C (15:04)10,8°C (20:15)14,2°C (12-03)14,2°C (12-03)24,5°C (30-06-2017)
Minimum7,6°C (05:27)3,7°C (09:47)-3,9°C (01-03)-7,7°C (18-01)-13,5°C (11-01-2017)
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
 Pressure  1001,4 hPa  Steady
Maximum1013,3 hPa (00:01)1014,6 hPa (01:06)1021,7 hPa (01-03)1034,9 hPa (28-01)1039,3 hPa (08-12-2016)
Minimum1001,4 hPa (17:28)1010,8 hPa (14:30)997,7 hPa (18-03)995,9 hPa (17-01)992,9 hPa (07-01-2016)
 Wind  14,8 km/h   Wind from NNW  Gentle breeze
Gust22,5 km/h (13:21)48,3 km/h (12:37)72,3 km/h (08-03)75,8 km/h (17-01)75,8 km/h (17-01-2018)

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Kopaida airport (ZZZZ) - CTAF frequency : 119.700 - Tanagra(LGTG) MATZ 120.250

Airport Phone +306977612200, +302268041170, Contact Mr. George Papadopoulos.